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Meet the Inspiration Behind the 
Where is Jet?
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Who is Jet?

Jet is an adventurous cat who discovers the wider world while his human friends go about their lives. When his people are busy or away from home, Jet seeks to learn and explore his curiosity of the outside world. Every chance he gets, Jet sneaks out of the house on Brownlee street and hops into a cab or bus to have an adventure! 

Jet is always looking to share his knowledge and make learning a fun and interactive experience. 

Jet enjoys the hustle-and-bustle of the big city, while always remaining the calm, cute and collected feline friend that everyone loves. Jet is a traveler, a detective, a teacher and a student! No matter what, Jet remains a source of love and companionship for his family, and his animal friends.

Jet looks to educate (3) – (5) year-olds about the importance of learning about the world around us, in a variety of fun settings that encourage family reading and togetherness. 

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